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» » If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer « «

2015 § Rancho Palos Verda, CA

“I have been involved with message in one form or fashion for over 20 years. I believe in its healing power, and I understand at what depth the massage therapist can facilitate that healing. I have been deeply grateful to be able to experience Faye’s bodywork over the last several years. Her technique and the tools she uses are superb! She has an intuitive touch that calms and releases my body with every healing touch. She successfully focuses in on what I personally need in each session. A bodywork session with Faye is always at the top of my priority list!” ~ Leslie

2016 » Mindful Travel Retreats § Bali Eco Stay

“We can’t tell you enough how important you are to our family. They all love you! I know, I am much stronger in my body, mind, and spirit. It’s truly a battle to win within. You are a vessel of the Spirit to heal those who want to be healed. Thank you for your love and helping the Holy Spirit truly enter our hearts minds and bodies. We all are needing so much healing and, learning to trust the right people again. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” ~ Marty & Dave

“Faye is a gifted soul whose love flows unhindered from her entire being. I’ve learned a great deal from her in the brief time I’ve known her and continue to benefit from her deep wisdom though we’re separated by many miles. Get her laughing, and she’ll melt your heart into mush. She encourages your best version to come forth!“ ~ Ashley

“I am so lucky to have had Faye work on me when I was expecting my sweet baby boy! It is not just a massage with her, its a full body experience. I always feel pure amazement about how she has the ability to read energy. Faye will hold her ‘magic hands’ (as I call them) while breathing together, which makes my mind shut off while feeling really relaxed and united. She has really spoiled me with the whole massage experience because she has set the bar so high.” ~ Anneka

2015 § Hermosa Beach, CA

“Since receiving regular treatments from Faye for quite some time now, I was eager to try her newly learned modality, sensory repatterining. My body typically responds well to massage and the typical fluid moment of the muscles, but even more so to the shaking or joggling of a particular limb or area of the body. As I entered this session, my energy body was blocked, and I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. We began the session with me lying on my stomach and focusing on the back first. Immediately, I felt a surge of energy throughout my whole body with a slight sense of anxiousness. My body felt alive. Many thoughts arose during this time, some which were buried deep in my subconscious and that I have not thought of in a while. When I flipped over and she proceeded to work on the front body, it was a completely different experience all together. It was more relaxing. More feminine and more graceful. The motions were more fluid and required me to let go. It was very insightful as I found myself trying to resist or control the flow of the movement. It was a moment in which I had to trust the process and allow myself to heal. I look forward to my next session and continuing to move energy and allowing more to surface.” ~ Kristina Jackson

»» All made weak, to lean not on our own understanding ««

“It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.”
– Sally Field

8 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. My time with Faye has always been the best gift at the perfect time. I’ve struggled with ptsd and depression, Faye’s strenth and guidance has provided me the tools to keep being strong and remember who I am and what I offer to this universe. My hope is that anyone who is looking for direction, healing and guidance find her… she is amazing!

  2. Faye introduced me to sensory re-patterning by giving me a session. I felt tingly through out the session and at times it felt like I was ballet dancing. My eyes moved in correlation with her motion. I felt light like I was floating, almost trance like. I felt my body respond
    and release to the rhythm.

  3. WOW! I just experienced the most BEAUTIFUL, healing energy massage from Faye. She went above and beyond, massaging every inch of my body and clearing any energy blocks along the way. Her technique is truly magical, she gives 100% of herself and every moment you spend in her presence is transformative.

  4. After my session with Michelle Faye, I never have felt that relaxed after any session I have had before as I did after she was finished. This new technique was so thorough without the after effect of soreness the next day. I also sensed more complete flexibility even
    several days after. I would without hesitation recommend what Michelle Faye does to whosoever. With much gratitude… George

  5. ORB sessions with Faye are life changing – she has an ability to analyze the body and mind to create a holistic approach to body work. Her beauty and welcoming personality create a safe space in which her clients can heal. I love sessions with Faye so much that we are bringing her on to our retreat team, she will be doing body work on our Baja yoga retreats beginning winter 2015!

  6. Faye is the best! Her massages go beyond just working on the body, she works your soul! She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. As, soon she starts her massage, you feel totally in different space (spiritually and mentally), you can feel her positive energy and her spirit throughout your body with every touch. It’s an incredible feeling of light and happiness! This is her calling in life! And I can’t thank her enough for her help! Her beautiful soul and spirit, not only relieved my body of all the stress, but my soul! Namaste Faye! <3

  7. It is hard to find words for my time with Faye…it is an experience like no other.
    My time on the table at hands of this intuitive and blessed healer always touches me with the deepest and purest love.
    Faye is guided by her instincts and her sacred knowledge.I must say the sessions are always what is needed…they feed the highest good of my body,mind and spirit.
    I feel so honored and grateful for this beautiful being,her presence in my life a gift.
    Honor your body with the gift of this healers loving touch…
    Faye is a must presence in the healing of our stressed lives,the planet and her people.
    Thanks for the magic!

  8. I never was big into massages or being touched or anything. BUT bodywork is a whole different ballgame. I’ve really enjoyed learning about my body, where I hold my stress and how I can improve my general wellness. Thanks Faye for leading me on this great adventure!

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